It’s not always easy to come up with the right structure of sentence to effectively explain the details of what we want to present. We know our own subject by heart, but how to make it clear for the reader?

Therefore I offer, as an independant service or as a complement, to land your ideas of paper and write, rewrite or fix any kind of content.
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Writing, "my thing"

From literary studies, I started my career in the publishing field and I even worked as a corrector. Through these experiences I learned the sense of the formula. Moreover, I’ve always been passionate with writing and I write every day, as much as in the professional world as in my hobby.
I assure you an impeccable spelling and match the ton that you want to give to your wrriten content by capturing its essence.
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Example of my writing style

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In French

Under the alias XIII, I write for the parodic blog  la31emefranchise.com. If you like basketball, weird humor and goofy tales, I invite you to go have a look. You’ll also get the chance to have a glimpse of my style when I get away from conventions.
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In English

I sometimes write for the blog of the tourism website tripusafrance.com based in the US. Go check out the great work that Julia and her team are doing so people can visit the most charming areas of France.


Writer in the language of Shakespeare, I also do translating in the language of Camões and Molière’s.

The blog

I regularly post opinion pieces or articles about the vast world of communication.