Creating your image
and your visual identity

If your communication is effective, you might create a great first impression on a potential customer in an instant. This process often starts with your logo so it’s important that this first interaction is memorable and positive. Effective logo design is timeless and requires no explanation and, if done correctly, has the ability to convey your brand’s personality and voice.

Beyond this essential step, let me know your expectations and I’ll make for you all the products that carry your brand’s essence.
logo charte graphique identité visuelle

My “print” profile

I love the smell of ink in the morning! Originally from the Publishing field, I have a special affection for all the printed materials. Bleed, crop marks, selective varnish… the printing industry has a language of its own, and I’ll gladly help you translate the jargon and navigate through the printing jungle so you can end up with the right product.
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I’ve been drawing ever since I knew how to hold a pencil and I make illustrations in a very personal style.
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